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3 Major Ways To Win a Sports Booking

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, if you are not a soccer fan, there would be a guy who loves football around you too. Football fans love to watch soccer matches in front of TV and cheering for victory, but how if you bet on your favourite team while watching a match, at the end win a fortune and celebrate your team’s victory? The double of happiness is just exciting and lovely.

Sports booking is quite common in Malaysia, we can see and reach many betting websites that provide sports booking, but some of them are hard to be trusted and have security issues. If you are looking for a trusted sports booking platform which is safe enough to bet, We1Win is your best choice.

We1Win online betting platform is the best sports booking website in Malaysia, comes with Maxbet Sport and CMD Sport as our vendors, you can bet on football and many kinds of sports here, with various betting options. NBA basketball games, badminton, tennis, F1 Racing and so on, are available at We1Win sports booking platform to bet on.

There are several betting options in sports booking, as for football matches, there are 3 common ways to bet on the game results, which are handicap, over/under and score prediction. 

The handicap option which is most widely practised by bettors, that people generally call ‘’let go’’ or ‘’eat ball’’, as bettors bet on a team to win the match. However, as the two teams in versus might have different levels of odds and advantage, the portion of stakes won by players might be different as well. 

For example, in a match of Brazil vs South Africa, the bettor who picked Brazil might only win 50% of his stakes, while the bettor who chose South Africa could win 100% and lost only 50% stakes if his team lost the match. Otherwise, the Brazil bettor can choose handicap with +2.0, as he is giving away 2 goals of the final score, meaning he can only win his 100% stakes with the result that Brazil won 3 goals or above.

The second option of football betting introduced here is over/under. This method doesn’t refer to which team the player picked, but the total goals of the game’s final score. For example, the over/under set for the match between Brazil vs South Africa is 4.0, if bettor bet as ‘’over’’, he could win his stake when the final score is a total of 5 goals or above. 

Another option of football betting is score prediction, which has the highest odds to be won, but the hardest to win too. The less possibility of final score, the higher the odds. For example, the common results such as 2-1, 1-0, 1-1 have lower odds, but if you bet on score 8-0 and finally won it, the odds could be dozens of times!

There are still more options to bet on sports booking like first half score, second half score etc. Explore those funny and exciting ways to bet at We1Win sports booking platform now! 

Play Now, Win Now, with We1Win.

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