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Betting Tips Today For Malaysia Sports Betting

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Sports booking is commonly practised in Malaysia, especially the football matches. A lot of Malaysians love football, while many of them are betting while watching matches, to enjoy the excitement and intensity while making a fortune.

There are plenty of platforms for sports betting Malaysia, such as BET365, CMD368 and BK8. As for football betting, the most popular betting options are handicap, over/under and score prediction. With the good strategy and tactics of betting, you could have the highest chance to win your bet with different uses of those methods. Here are some betting tips today for sports booking!

Betting Football Tips: Choose The Sure Win Team

Handicap is the most practised option of Malaysia sports betting. It is as simple as bettors choosing a team to win the match. However, the team who has higher odds to win will be paid with a lower percentage of stakes, for example, the player will only get 80% for bet on the stronger team. Meanwhile, players can also ‘’let go’’ the score when they choose the stronger team, for example, offer ‘’+1’’ for the score, as they can only win the bet when the team won by 2 goals or above.

As for this, players should pick the team who is not just powerful enough, but also in great condition, complete formation and strong desire to win. Both teams’ versus record is also a factor as reference when betting football games.

For example, the English Premier League (EPL) which mostly involved in sports betting Malaysia, Bettors should keep checking the EPL table, EPL results and EPL fixtures, to research either the team had won the previous matches as in winning condition, how important the upcoming match to change the team’s standing, or what will happen if the team lose the game.

For example, Manchester City who already won the EPL title in advance, versus Norwich City who struggle for relegation, the Norwich might have certain odds to win as they have the must-win desire, or else Manchester City will only win by less goal as they might not have much fighting spirit.

Betting Tips Today: The Goal Show Or Boring Game

Instead of handicap, over/under is a popular method for betting football. It counts the total goals of the final result, regardless which team had won or more goals. Players can research the strength and performance of the team’s attacking and defending quality, either in their recent matches and average statistics.

For example, Manchester United who had scored 15 goals in recent 3 EPL matches are in strong performance, while versus Watford who lost 12 goals in the same period, we could expect there is another game with many goals, and bettors can bet on ‘’over’’. Besides, when two teams who both have great attacking performances in recent games, there will probably be the ‘’goal show’’ which appears with many goals in the match!

Bettting Tips Today: Boring Game Has Predictable Score

Score prediction is another option for Malaysia sports betting. Unlike handicap or over/under, it has the highest odds of betting, which is up to 10x multiples of the stakes, but also the hardest chance to win.

In this option, bettors can pick the match who is likely to be ‘’boring’’ with no goal or less goals expected. You can check that through the teams’ current condition, their average goals statistics and both teams versus record.

For example, Chelsea and Liverpool who both had only a total of 3 goals in recent 5 EPL matches, showing they are in poor condition of attacking, moreover, they have only average 1 goals in recent battles between each other, therefore we can expect another boring match between them, with score prediction of 0-0 or 1-0.

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